Definitions of Information security on the Web:

An all encompassing term that refers to the security of the information systems that are used and the data that is processed.
from http://www.public.iastate.edu/~ecommerce/glossary.html

The protection of automated information from unauthorized access (accidental or intentional), modification, destruction, or disclosure.
from http://sam.dgs.ca.gov/TOC/4800/4840.4.htm

Information security deals with several different “trust” aspects of information. Another common term is information assurance. Information security is not confined to computer systems, nor to information in an electronic or machine-readable form. It applies to all aspects of safeguarding or protecting information or data, in whatever form.
from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information_security 

This blog is dedicated to the information security scene. I will be posting news, articles, reviews, tips & tricks related to information system security, infomation security jobs, information security certification, systems and network security, information security policy and management, disaster recovery, standards, jobs and anything related to the information security field.

— BoxPH

BoxPH is an IT Consultant for BoxPH Solutions specializing in Microsoft Technologies and Information Security (conducting security trainings, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing).

BoxPH is also the Chief Security Officer of Philippine Business Process Outsourcing firm FarmOut Central Intouch specializing in both inbound and outbound call center operations, transcription services, appointment setting, billing reminders and various back office operations. 


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